Are Prismacolor Art Stix being discontinued?

The formula of the Prismacolor Soft Core coloured pencils is fabulous. Creamy and vibrant. So two thumbs up for the Prismacolor Art Stix and I’m happy to have them in my arsenal of art supplies, especially since I just discovered that they have been discontinued.

What is prismacolor Stix?

Prismacolor Art Stix are artist-quality woodless colored pencils for every level of expertise. They contain high-quality pigments for rich color saturation, with soft cores that equal the creamy consistency of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils for superior blending and shading.

Do Prismacolor pencils show up on black paper?

Both wax- and oil-based pencils work well with black paper. I’ve used Prismacolor Premier and Faber-Castell pencils on colored paper. Both are suitable either by themselves or in combination. Caran d’Ache Luminance are reported to be more opaque than most other colored pencils.

What are Woodless colored pencils made of?

A proprietary blend of oils, binders, and premium pigments are used in every line of Koh-I-Noor colored pencils. The result is an ultra-smooth lead that allows for rich color and laydown without a waxy bloom or wax build up that prevents layering.

What is the difference between prismacolor Verithin and Premier?

The Prismacolor Premier pencils are sought after because of their rich lay-on because of they are made with wax. They are great for creating vibrant images but do break easily because of their soft core. The Verithin pencils are made of much harder material and come to a much sharper point.

What can I use black paper for?

Some cool things to draw on black paper are:

  • a wolf in the moonlight.
  • a portrait (with „studio lighting“ from behind)
  • a zebra (draw just the white parts)
  • colorful bubbles (really, google that!)
  • use a white pencil like you would use a normal pencil on white paper (just think in reverse!)

Can you sharpen Woodless colored pencils?

COLORED PENCIL Since there is no wood casing, woodless colored pencils are excellent for precise artwork as well as broad, loose strokes, and shading work. They can be sharpened with a traditional pencil sharpener, and the shavings can be used for smudging in color.