Are Parker Sonnet fountain pens good?

The Parker Sonnet is appealing to all fountain pen users. This is a quality fountain pen anyone would be proud to own and use everyday. It’s comfortable, not too weighty, and the 18K gold nib makes writing fun. (There are also stainless steel nibs available on Sonnets, but I haven’t reviewed one yet.)

Are limited edition fountain pens worth it?

Many fountain pens are sold in special or limited editions, making them a rare find. It’s one of the reasons why fountain pens are expensive. Owning a limited edition pen makes the purchase more meaningful and precious. This makes owning and using a fountain pen truly special.

Where are Parker Sonnet fountain pens made?

The impressive pens are made in France ensuring excellence in quality and performance. Make your mark with the superb Sonnet fountain pen with 18K gold nib (a great value!), the capped rollerball or twist ball pen.

Why is Parker so expensive?

Their cost is primarily based on material and brand value. Parker is a great multinational company, and it contributes significantly to the cost. Parker pens are also durable and reliable . Parker pens also provide good writing quality, but I think their fountain pens are not suitable for exams.

What pen does Queen Elizabeth use?

Parker 51
And while the royal family isn’t in the habit of making endorsements, there does seem to be one pen that the Queen turns to on a regular basis for her royal writing needs. That pen? The Parker 51.

Is Parker a good brand?

Parker are known the world over and so they should be. They’re a great brand. Founded in 1888 they’ve been making quality pens ever since.

What kind of Pen is the Parker Premier?

I have a black lacquer Parker Premier in Medium (really doesn’t look like it writes any wider than Matt’s Fine) and a Parker Duofold Centennial, also in Medium. Like Matt, I got to try my Premier in the store, and mine was a hit, not a miss.

Which is better Parker Premier or doufold pen?

Capped, the Premier is slightly longer, but posted, the Doufold dwarfs it, and part of that is a much longer nib. Neither nib is “soft”, and neither should be flexed, but the Premier nib feels like it has a little more “give” or “bounce” that one can feel when writing quickly. The balance is quite different.

Where can I buy a Parker Pen cartridge?

If you get the slide converter, you can get them for $4-$5. Also, if you go into any office supply store in…well, anywhere, you can buy Parker ink cartridges. In the US, it’s more difficult to get standard international. Now, I am with you normally on this, but with Parker pens, I find it fine.

Why did Parker change the design of their pen?

To suddenly change designs after over fifty years and effectively eliminate the ability for people to include modern niceties in their older pens when Parker has put effort into selling cheap converters would be a bad move not just for Parker, but for most of their consumers as well.