Are Mozambique rubies valuable?

Mozambique ruby is a premium variety of ruby gemstone, resourced from Mozambique region of Africa. Due to its brilliant red hue and high transparency, Mozambique ruby is more valuable than the rubies found in other African mines.

Are rubies from Mozambique ethical?

Mozambican rubies are 500 million years old (making it older than its Burmese counterpart), but were only recently discovered in 2009 in the Montepuez ruby mine. Their aim is to not only provide rubies that are unparalleled in quality, but are also ethically sourced, ensuring a guilt-free purchase.

What is grizzly Emerald?

Grizzly Mining Company, Zambia’s second largest emerald mine has unearthed a historic 50-kilogramme multi-million-dollar emerald crystal at its Lufwanyama mine on the Copperbelt Province, making it the world’s heaviest hunk ever exhumed.

Which country produces the best rubies?

The source of the world’s finest rubies is Burma, or present-day Myanmar, and for more than 800 years the Mogok Stone Tract mine has produced the most beautiful examples, thanks to the unique geological conditions.

How much is a 1 carat African ruby worth?

For example, a 1 carat unheated African ruby can be valued upto $2,000 per carat where a heated African ruby with similar qualities would cost approximately $1,500 per carat.

Which country is the largest producer of emerald in the world?

Colombia is by far the world’s largest producer of emeralds, constituting 50–95% of the world production, with the number depending on the year, source and grade.

What is the biggest emerald ever found?

The world’s biggest ever emerald, weighing 1.1kg and worth an estimated £2m, has been discovered in a mine in Zambia. The 5,655 carats gem was found by mining company Gemfields at Kagem, the world’s largest emerald mine, on October 2, 2020. It has been named Inkalamu, which means lion in the local Bemba language.

Who is the largest producer of emeralds?

Colombia is by far the world’s largest producer of emeralds, constituting 50–95% of the world production, with the number depending on the year, source and grade. Emerald production in Colombia has increased drastically in the last decade, increasing by 78% from 2000 to 2010.

Where are Gemfields ruby mines located in Mozambique?

Montepuez Ruby Deposit. Gemfields Ltd acquired a 75% stake in the Montepuez ruby deposit in Mozambique in February 2012. The Monepuez ruby deposit is located in the northeast of Mozambique in the Cabo Delgado Province. Covering approximately 35,000 hectares (86,000 acres).

What kind of company is the Gemfields Group?

Gemfields Group Ltd (formerly Pallinghurst Resources Limited) is a natural resources company incorporated in Guernsey and headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and is a supplier of responsibly-sourced coloured gemstones. The company specializes in the mining, processing and sale of coloured gemstones, in particular emeralds and rubies.

How much of the world’s gems are produced by Gemfields?

Gemfields produces around 25% of the world’s emerald supply and around 50% of the world’s ruby supply. In addition to the gemstone mining and production assets the Group also owns and operates the Fabergé luxury brand.

What kind of mining licence does Gemfields have?

Gemfields owns Oriental Mining SARL, a company incorporated in Madagascar. Oriental has 15 exploration licences covering emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and garnets in Madagascar.