Are Cape May diamonds worth anything?

Cape May Diamonds are a natural phenomenon that washes up on the shores of Sunset Beach near Cape May Point. The Sunset Beach Gift Shop sells them in ornate golden rings, necklaces and bracelets. The most expensive ring, professionally cut, will set you back $359.

Where can I buy Cape May diamonds?

Cape May diamonds are usually collected by beach combing and are most abundant at Higbee (sometimes, Higby’s) and Sunset beaches in Cape May. Cape May diamonds range in size from the finest sand to a 3-pound-14-ounce (1.8 kg) “Cape May diamond” found in New Castle, Delaware in 1866.

Are Cape May diamonds quartz?

“Cape May Diamonds” are pure quartz crystals and are found in a variety of sizes and colors.

What are the elements that make up a Cape May diamond?

“Cape May Diamonds are Quartz, so they are made up of Silicon and Oxygen bonds. Diamonds are made up of carbon bonds and that’s why they are much harder. Quartz is a really pretty gem, especially when it’s polished the way they are here in Cape May.”

How can you tell a Cape May diamond?

Just look for the clear, glistening quartz among the pebbles. Some “diamonds” appear more like frosted sea glass. As with any gift from nature, Cape May Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Bring a sand scooper to dig down past the top layer as the stones can be hidden.

What Beach has Cape May diamonds?

Sunset Beach
Today, visitors to Cape May comb the sands of Sunset Beach, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, looking to find their own Cape May diamonds. Just look for the clear, sparkling quartz among the pebbles. The clearer the quartz, the more treasured the “diamond”.

Where is the best place to find Cape May Diamonds?

The best beach to locate these diamonds is Sunset Beach in Cape May Point, NJ. Sunset beach is located on the Delaware Bay.

Are Cape May Diamonds real?

“Cape May Diamonds” are pure quartz crystals and are found in a variety of sizes and colors. The actual source of these amazing gems is in the faraway upper reaches of the Delaware River. When polished and faceted, these gems have the actual appearance of real diamonds.

How do you identify a Cape May diamond?

Where are the Cape May shells?

The beaches of Cape May are primarily the Atlantic oceanfront, however the Delaware Bay beaches have their own special charm. Shells and rocks are in abundance on the bay beaches, especially at low tide.

What beach has Cape May Diamonds?

Is there sea glass in Cape May?

Cape May is an island as there is a canal that goes from the Cape May Harbor to the Delaware Bay. The Delaware Bay beaches are the hotspot in town for beach glass.