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Technology and Work Practices

Over the recent periods, many advancements in technology which have changed the manner in which various tasks are conducted have taken place. Majority of the business activities conducted manually have currently been computerized. This essay will analyses the various ways information technology has changed work practices, since many business and organizations have embraced it. Firstly, […]

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The Crusades: Salvation or Exploitation

First originated in the 11th Century BC, the word crusade was used to describe high-powered spiritual, religious gatherings and campaigns against antichristian facets. Most of them conflicted with Islamic activities in Jerusalem and other places while others perceivably induced new Christians and strengthened the faithful. These activities went on till the 16th Century BC when […]

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Should there be limits on car ownership in developing countries?

Recently there have been problems caused by the over growing in number of vehicles in the developing countries, such problems are air pollution, noise pollution among others. It is for this reasons that people are being encouraged to use public transport rather than private means. Developing countries should come up with laws that should control […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of International aids to Poor Countries

Many of the third world countries receive a lot of international aids from well developed countries as a way of compensating their low productivity and capacity.  While international aid may have some advantages to the receiving countries, it may also have some profound disadvantages to them. There are numerous advantages of international aid to a […]

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Should affirmative action policies in US be continued?

Background In essence, affirmative action implies according preferential treatment to minority groups in the U.S., either in career opportunities or establishments (Perry 602). The initial objective of this policy was to correct years of massive discrimination, and to boost the socio-economic standards of the minority groups. Although the policy has largely been successful, the current […]

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Encouragement of Alternative Forms of Transport

The use of cars often results in myriad adverse implications. Even though there are positives drawn from it in the standing of the ease of mobility of individuals, there are incidences of congestion and air pollution. The drawbacks validate the need to encourage the introduction of alternative forms of transport. International laws also need to […]

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Animal Testing

Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in carrying out scientific experiments and research. It is also called animal experimentation. The animals that researchers use in experiments include monkeys, mice, and others. There is an ongoing debate in the world on whether there should be continued use of the animals in studies and research […]

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Will The Internet Bring People Of The World Closer Together?

The internet remains one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. People can communicate, send and receive emails, buy and sell goods and services and play online through the internet. Moreover, the online resources help people improve knowledge and access the latest news through platforms such as the online libraries. There are several ways […]

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